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Puppy Training

8 weeks to 16 weeks old

You will be introduced to training techniques for Sit, Down, Come.

Focus on teaching Stay, Leave It, Drop It, leash manners and polite greeting behaviors

House Manners

This is for the family that wants their dog to be happy and a part of their active family life.

Your dog will learn Sit, Down, Leave It, Come and Stay!

Life will be better for you and your dog!

The Good Dog!

You have always wanted a dog that would walk by your side and greet your guests without knocking them over!

Your dog will learn Sit, Down, Leave It, Come, Stay, Go to Mat and Walk with Me!

What A Good Dog!

What would it be like if you could take your dog wherever you wanted to go?

To have a dog that walks next to you without pulling.  A dog that isn’t a bothered by outside distractions.
You can do it, we can help!

How Do I know If Dog Training is Right For Me?

Are you struggling to get your dog to listen? You aren’t sure how to stop him from jumping, pulling, nipping, or you just want him to come when you call him.  You aren’t alone and we can help!

When guests walk in the door, does your dog jump to be greeted?

We can teach your dog to sit politely to be greeted by your house guests or a stranger on the street.

Does your dog beg at the table and disturb your family time?

What if your dog stayed on his mat during family meals?

Does your dog pull you down the street when you go for a walk?

Many people give up on walking their dogs just because it not a pleasant way to spend time with their dogs.  Imagine walking down the street with your dog nicely at your side.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your dog?

You are not alone.   Statistics show that 96% of dogs relinquished by their owners had not received any obedience training.  No more running to classes after work, no more missing classes because of your schedules, no more wondering if this training will work.

Include Your Dog In Your Wedding Day!

Have you wished that your best friend could be by your side on your wedding day?  He is part of the family so naturally you want to include him in the big day!!  Whether just for photos or walking down the aisle, we can make that happen.  

Start with considering your dog’s personality and temperament, will he enjoy being part of the gang?  

We will teach him cues to get him through the day, he will learn sit, down, stay, wait and come.  

You decide how much or little participation that you would like and we customize a program for you!  

Dog of Honor – He can walk down the aisle with the wedding party and then sit along side them for the ceremony.

Flower Dog – She can carry the basket of flowers in her mouth as your flower girl spreads the petals.

This is a special package which includes a trainer spending the day at your wedding to make sure your best friend is escorted.

How It Works

Schedule a Consultation

We come to you, on  your schedule and in your dog’s home!

We  create a program that works for your family and your dog.   Just like people, dogs act differently in their own environments.    This way you and your dog are more comfortable learning.


Choose a Program

Our programs are designed around your lifestyle and what is best for your dog.

Whether you are looking for great house manners or a companion that can go everywhere with you hiking up a mountain  or just a stroll through the park!


Reach Your Goals

Have you ever wished that you had a dream dog?

All of our programs include in-home training for the family dog, the competition dog, Therapy Dog or Canine Good Citizen Dog.

You choose and we can make that happen!

“Walk This Way!”

“I wish I could walk my dog, but he pulls me down the street!”  Sound like you?  The “Walk This Way!” class is for you!    

This is a 2 week mini course to teach your dog loose leash walking!   During this coarse your dog will learn how to check in and focus on you,  walk by your side and ignore distractions.

Private In-Home Sessions

2 Behavior Cues- Watch Me and Leave It

2-3 Field Trips (Home Depot/Polaris Mall)

Balance Harness included in training package. 


Puppy Kindergarten

It is the first 16 weeks that is most critical, most puppies will develop 90% of their attitudes towards people, other animals and their environments.

The good news is that what your puppy learns between 8 to 16 weeks will last with them forever.

More Details

Private In – Home Sessions

2 Behavioral Cues -Leave It and Drop It

4 Obedience Cues – Sit, Down, Come and Stay

Help and guidance with Housebreaking and Puppy Nipping and Chewing

All programs include written instructions and Lifetime Support Guarantee

House Manners

Imagine having the peace of mind when you have visitors, that your dog is not going to run out the door,  jump on your guests or beg at the dinner table.

You will have a well mannered dog that becomes that joy that you thought about when you brought your puppy home!

This program will take approximately 2 months.

More Details

Private In – Home Sessions

2 Behavioral Cues – Leave It, Drop It

4 Obedience Cues – Sit, Down, Come and Stay

All programs include written instructions and Lifetime Support Guarantee

The Good Dog!

You will discover the many benefits and joys of training.  You’ll enhance your bond with your dog and witness that dogs with basic obedience training are a joy to live with – interacting well with other people and dogs!


Your dog will learn to sit  for petting from a stranger, walking on a loose leash through a crowd of people, sit and stay in place, come when called and behave politely around other dogs.


You will have the peace of mind that you have a well mannered dog.


This program will take approximately 4 months to complete.



More Details

Private In- Home Sessions

 Additional Field Trip Sessions (outside of your home in a public place)

4 Behavioral Cues – Off, Leave It, Drop It, and Go to Mat.

6 Obedience Cues – Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Wait and Walk This Way

Written Instructions

Video Overview

AKC Canine Good Citizen or Therapy Dog Certification

Lifetime Email and Phone Support

What A Good Dog!

He is your best friend, whether you are tossing a ball in the park or hiking up the mountains.    You have your companion by your side through busy streets and city distractions.   Dog friendly businesses will welcome you and your dog.

This program will take approximately 6 months to complete.   Your dog will be able to enter or exit public buildings, walk through a crowd of people, tolerate city noises, ignore food on the sidewalk and enter steps or elevators.

The sky is the limit with this program!

More Details

Unlimited In-Home and Field Trips

Unlimited Cues –

All Training tools included

Written and Video Overviews

Lifetime Email and Phone Support

Group Polishing Class to practice around other dogs

AKC Canine Good Citizen,  Canine Good Citizen Urban Dog,  and Therapy Dog Certification




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