Owning an animal is a huge responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The well-being of a dog is incredibly important as most pet owners consider their furry companions as good as family. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how crucial training can be to their dog’s life.

Puppy Training in Ohio

Wouldn’t you want the option of taking your four-legged family members wherever you go? Unfortunately, an unsociable, untrained dog can cause many problems for the dog itself and the owner. Bad behaviors such as slight aggression, ignoring commands, and general disobedience may seem normal to some pet owners, but can become huge issues if they aren’t addressed. Nobody wants to deal with their precious pet nipping at a child or bowling over other dogs and people.

Ideally, puppy training should begin between 8-16 weeks. Puppies need mental stimulation to grow into strong, happy, sociable dogs. Initial training should prepare your dog with basic skills like sitting, staying, leash manners, and proper greeting behavior. Growing your puppy’s communication skills is imperative to their safety and the safety of others. However, old dogs can still learn new tricks. Don’t be discouraged if your adult dog needs training as well.

Did you know that a trained dog is six times less likely to be surrendered or returned to a shelter? Training your pup establishes a strong relationship and bond. Working regularly with your dog builds a better understanding, thus making you a better owner.
A controlled training environment with an educated professional is the key to breaking your pup’s bad habits. Every dog deserves to learn how to live safely and successfully in a home environment. Positive training leads to a fulfilling life for you and your dog.